Current Fleet Situation There are 50 Class 90s and I am pleased to report that 25 of these were operational at the time of writing. The operational fleet are cur- rently split between Freightliner and Locomotive Services (LSL) consist of 90001-90016 and 90041-90049. The remaining 25 locomotives are either owned outright by DB Cargo, which are stored at Crewe IEMD or 90050 which is now on long-term loan from Freightliner to the Crewe Heritage Centre where she is undergoing restoration. The only operators of Class 90s are Freightliner, LSL or DB Cargo - all previ- ous users of the fleet such as Scotrail, Virgin Trains and British Rail have been confined to the history books.
Which Class 90s are currently out of traffic for maintenance? For the latest information regarding the status of the Class 90 locomotive fleet, please refer to the Fleet Summary section below on this webpage or by visiting the Daily Gen Reports or by going to the Fleet Status News section on the homepage.
Which Class 90s are in long-term storage? The following loco’s which are owned outright by DB Cargo are in long-term storage at Crewe IEMD. The earliest member to be stored was 90025 back on the 20th January 2004. At the time of writing DB Cargo had put all the loco’s listed below up for sale, if they get sold or not remains to be seen. 90017, 90018, 90022, 90023, 90025, 90027, 90030, 90031, 90032, 90033, 90038 and 90040. In addition to the above, 90050 is in long-term storage after catching fire in 2004 and was subsequently dumped at Crewe Basford Hall where she was robbed of parts for nearly 20 years, but in late 2023 the loco was moved to the Crewe Heritage. She is now on long-term loan from Freightliner to the Crewe Heritage Centre where she is undergoing restoration work. This was an important milestone as she was the last loco off the production line at Crewe Works. Click here for more details on 90050.
Which Class 90s are in short-term storage? Following the loss of Intermodal traffic to other operators on the WCML, DB Cargo was forced to store all of there active fleet of Class 90s. As a consequence, the following engines were stored and are also up for sale: 90019, 90020, 90021, 90024, 90026, 90028, 90029, 90034, 90035, 90036 and 90037. The future of the DB Cargo Class 90s including those in short and long-term storage was not looking great at the time of writing, Click here for more details on the stored fleet owned by DB Cargo.
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DB Cargo

Fleet Profile The DB Cargo fleet consists of 23 Class 90s, which are 90017-90040 (see above for more details). ------------------------------------------------ Current Availability None. ------------------------------------------------ Stored (long and short-term) All DB Cargo Class 90s are in store at Crewe IEMD. ---------------------------------------------------

Locomotive Services

Fleet Profile The LSL Class 90 fleet consists of 90001 and 90002. ------------------------------------------------ Current Availability 90001, 90002 ------------------------------------------------ Stopped for maintenance None. ---------------------------------------------------


Fleet Profile Freightliner has 24 Class 90s which include 90003-90016 and 90041- 90050. ------------------------------------------------ Current Availability 90003, 90005-90006, 90008-90011, 90012-90015, 90041-90043, 90047- 90049. ------------------------------------------------ Stopped for maintenance 90004, 90007, 90016, 90045, 90046. ---------------------------------------------------

Crewe Heritage Centre

Fleet Profile 90050 is on long-term loan from Freightliner to the Crewe Heritage Centre. ------------------------------------------------ Current Availability None. ------------------------------------------------ Stored Unserviceable 90050. ---------------------------------------------------
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