Introduction The Class 90s have been involved with many charters and railtours during their 35 year history, which has included excursions, football/Rugby specials and other privately run trains. Some of the special services that have run in the past, have travelled via or over new routes, lines and destinations that the fleet hadn’t been too before. For example, Stanstead Airport (90137) and Ayr (90149) to name but a few of the rarities.
2024 Railtour & Charter Calendar There are currently planned charters or railtours involving Class 90 traction. This webpage will be updated as soon as new details become known.
Future Routes and Destinations There are a number of routes across the UK, which have recently been electrified or is in process of being wired. This includes GWML from London Paddington, parts of Yorkshire, the MML north of Bedford, Longbridge to Bromsgrove and several lines in Scotland. It is unclear if a Class 90 will ever see action on the newly electrified routes or upcoming ones. The latest new route visited by a Class 90 on a charter train took place in 2022 between Walsall and Rugeley Trent Valley involving 90001 and 90002 owned by LSL.
Other Information As the new look website develops, more information will be added to this page. Things to look out for in the future will be special charter train reports and an archive of when charters and railtours operated and with which locomotive(s) but this is subject to information being available.

6th April 2024

90001 works private charter on ECML On the above date, 90001 was used to work part of the Steam Dreams charter on the ECML. See link below for more details.
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17th July 2023

90039 works charter train to Carlisle On the above date, 90039 worked a charter train on the WCML to and from Carlisle. See link below for more details.

21st July 2023

90001 works private charter with 86101 On the above date, 90001 was used in top and tail mode with 86101 on the WCML between London Euston and Manchester Piccadilly.

12th December 2023

90001 works private charter On the above date, 90001 was used to work part of the Saphos Trains charter on the WCML. See link below for more details.
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