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22/10/12 - Key highlights for w/c 30th September 2012: The key highlights from w/c 30/9/12 included 90002 being used on thunderbird duties at GA; 90047 was hired to Virgin Trains and the Transport Minister cancelled the WCML franchise.

22/10/12 - Key highlights for w/c 7th October 2012: The key highlights from w/c 7/10/12 included 90043 and 90048 being hired to Virgin Trains; 90004 on set of stock had a hotbox incident and 90041 failed in the Milton Keynes on 4M53.

26/10/12 - 90047 hired to Virgin Trains for use on WB64: In the early hours of the 26th October 2012, 90044 was hired to Virgin Trains from Freightliner and initially ran light engine from Crewe to Wembley depot to be attached to WB64.

27/10/12 - 90044 in trouble on 4S88 again this time nth of Carlisle: In the early hours of the 27th October 2012, 90044 suffered a total loss of power whilst working 4S88 at a place called Ecclefechen north of Carlisle.

27/10/12 - Key highlights for w/c 14th October 2012: The key highlights from w/c 14/10/12 included 90048 and 90047 being on hire to Virgin Trains. There were also class 90s in action on TUC charters on the West Coast into Euston.

29/10/12 - 90008 moves north to Crewe for planned overhaul: On the morning of Monday 29th October 2012 the long awaited move to Crewe happened today for 90008 as part of the ongoing overhaul programme - she was dragged.

31/10/12 - Class 90s enter their Silver Anniversary year: On this day 25 years ago the first class 90 was released from Crewe Works by British Rail in the form of 90001. The 90 went to Derby RTC for type testing and commissioning.

31/10/12 - 90049 in trouble at Bushey whilst working 4M53: Late on the 31st October 90049 suffered technical issues in the Bushey area which resulted in her being rescued by 66505 which was sat at Wembley on 4M59.

31/10/12 - 90010 in trouble at Greater Anglia: On the evening of 31st October 2012, the 18:30 LST-NRW (1p56) with 90010 was terminated at Ipswich with a loco issue. The same 90 was in trouble again twice the next day.

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