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27/3/12 - 90008 on thunderbird duties during w/c 25th March 2012: Following a failure the previous day (see above), the 90 went to Colchester to be thunderbird loco vice the booked traction of a DRS class 47 for a few days.

27/3/12 - 66172 and 67028 plus others used vice-class 90 on sleepers: Owing to the failure of 90021 on the 25th March 2012, a number of loco’s including 66172 and 67028 were used to substitute the booked class 90 on sleeper duties.

29/3/12 - 90001 on thunderbird duties during w/c 25th March 2012: Due to the continued lack of a DRS class 47 being available, next up to go Colchester to be thunderbird engine was 90001 and included a rescue later on in the week.

30/3/12 - 90008 in trouble again at Greater Anglia whilst working 1p07 to London: For the 2nd time in the space of week 90008 found herself in trouble again this time whilst in charge of the 06:25 Norwich to London service (1p07)..

30/3/12 - 90008s misfortunate week for Greater Anglia during w/c 25th March: To summarise 90008 failed twice this week whilst in charge of early morning passenger trains in addition to be deployed to Colchester on thunderbird duties.

30/3/12 - Normal service resumes to Scotrail sleeper services with booked traction: Following the failure of 90021 earlier in the week resulting in various loco substitutions, normal service resumed with a class 90 on the 28th March.

30/3/12 - 90044 hired to Virgin Trains for use on WB64: In the early hours of the 30th March 2012, 90044 was hired to Virgin Trains from Freightliner and initially ran light engine from Crewe to Wembley depot to be attached to WB64.

30/3/12 - Key highlights for week commencing 25th March 2012: The key highlights for this week included the failure of 90008 twice; 90001 & 90008 on thunderbird duties at Colchester in addition to 90021 failing in Scotland on a sleeper.

31/3/12 - 90046 expected to return to traffic following a derailment: On the 31st March 2012 it was widely suggested that 90046 would re-enter traffic with Freightliner in the coming week - read more about the incident involving this 90.

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