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01/1/13 - 90018 moves to Toton for tyre turning & painting: In a surprise move, 90018 moved to Toton today initially for tyre turning due to the wheelathe at Crewe being out of service, but also received a new coat of paint in the process.

01/1/13 - New Years Eve & Day Key working s at Greater Anglia: The key highlights from New years Eve involved 90010 moving at the stroke of midnight (the only 90 this year) and 90006 worked the first timetabled departure of 2013.

04/01/13 - 90028 in trouble on Scotrail Sleeper prior to working ecs:  The first 90 failure of 2013 for Scotrail came in the form of 90028 which encountered technical issues at Mossend prior to working 5C11 to Edinburgh for 1C11.

10/01/13 - 90019 in trouble on Scotrail Sleeper at Crewe: In the early hours of 10th January 90019 encountered low oil issues in her transformer on 1m11 which resulted in the train making a special stop at Crewe for a replacement 90.

10/01/13 - First railtour of 2013 announced using a class 90: On Saturday 16th March 2013 UKR plan to operate a charter train using a DB class 90 between Euston and Preston and return - the rest of the tour will be formed of a class 67.

11/01/13 - Key highlights for week commencing 30th December 2012: The key highlights for this week included Greater Anglia having availability issues with their class 90s and 90018 moved from Crewe to Toton for painting into DB red.

13/01/13 - Key highlights for week commencing 6th January 2013: The key highlights for this week included 90008 being out of traffic at Crown Point and 90019 encountered low transformer oil issues on 1m11 in the Crewe area.

13/01/13 - 90008 on test between Norwich and Ilford to check status: On Sunday 8th January in a surprise move having been stopped out of traffic at Crown Point for so long, 90008 performed a test run between Norwich and Ilford depot..

17/01/13 - 90036 visits Sheilds Depot near Glasgow: A tyre turning train runs between Polmodie and Shields on an ad-hoc basis - the first known working for a class 90 came in the form of 90036 which did 5D90 (outward leg).

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