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Signal SDS5 14 - 25th July 2010

This signal is located at the nth end of platform 5 at Stafford station. The aspect indicates to the driver that they will need to diverge from the down slow to down fast at Doxey Jcn.

Kyle - January 2011

A two-car class 158 operated by Scotrail awaits departure in the distance from Kyle station in a very scenic part of the Scottish Highlands during the winter of 2010/2011.

Linslade - 3rd September 2010

This is the 4-track railway on the West Coast Main Line just north of Leighton Buzzard at Old Linslade. The site is easily accessible and is very popular with lineside photographers.

Coventry - 9th January 2010

This is an artistic view of the station name at Coventry which is located on platform 4 and was captured following a spell of very cold weather during the winter of 2009/2010.

Manningtree - 1st January 2010

This is another snow scene shot from New Years day 2010 - this time taken from the up platform at Manningtree Station looking south towards Colchester. It was a cold crisp morning.

Norwich - 1st January 2010

This was the cold wintry scene on New Years day morning just after 7am at Norwich. The weather soon cleared up after this shot albeit it was bitterly cold that day.

Carlisle - 2nd February 2010

A bleak empty shot of Carlisle station in early 2010 taken from platform 1. The sidings you can see were once full of loco’s in days gone by, sadly this is no longer the case.

Glasgow - 28th May 2010

This is a shot of the approach into Glasgow Central station looking south away from the station. At the time the photo was taken there were few trains moving about, but that is rare.

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