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CLASS 90 ELECTRIC LOCO GROUP British Rail Class 90 Silver Anniversary: 1987-2012

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Technical Information

The class 90s were built as 4 axle Bo-Bo type of locomotives with GEC designed engines and Thryistor control (see table) and were built in Crewe by BREL under contract to GEC from 1985 to 1990. See link for more information.


This section of the site details all the names ever applied to the class 90s. The latest nameplate document was last updated on the 22/10/23 following the storage of several  DB90s.

West Coast Route History

Since the class 90s were first introduced in the late 1980s, there flagship route has been the WCML. We look back at some of the key highlights from the past 35 years. The original allocation saw 90001-90025 working passenger trains.

Introduction & Background

This website is dedicated to the BR built class 90s which were manufactured and assembled in Crewe Works from 1985 until completion in 1990 under contract with GEC. The original fleet consisted of 50 locomotives numbered 90001-90050.

Livery Combinations & Variations

The class 90s have featured 32 different liveries during their 34 year history.The newest livery is Malcolm Logistics celebrating 100 years of the operator, which has been applied to 90021 and was the last class 90 sporting First Scotrail.

Naming Fact Sheet               

Over the years several nameplates have come and gone, often not replaced. This fact sheet outlines all known 90s that have been named, de-named or even re-named and includes dates; locations and engine number. Last updated 22/10/23.

Miscellaneous Route History

The class 90s have operated on other electrified routes during their 35 year history making them one of the most versatile electric loco’s of this current period. This includes the GEML to Norwich & Harwich in addition to the ECML.

Other Facts about Class 90s

This section brings together other facts about the fleet which is not covered elsewhere and includes depot open day visits, off-the beaten-track, historic milestones and rare workings on the UK network and is working progress.

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