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03/2/12 - 90046 derails at Bletchley in spectacular fashion: In the early hours of the 3rd February 90046 was enroute to Wembley on hire to Virgin Trains when tragically the loco derailed just south of Bletchley station resulting in chaos.

03/2/12 - Scotrail sleeper alterations due to derailment at Bletchley: As a result of the above incident, the southbound sleepers on the night in question were severely affected and resulted in them terminating short of their destination  

04/2/12 - 90024 officially off-hire from NXEA & returns to DBS: On the 4th February 2012 (the day before the franchise changed hands) 90024 was dragged to Ilford by 90009 in effect off-hire from NXEA & marking an end to the DBS hire.

05/2/12 - Scotrail sleeper alterations due to derailment at Bletchley: As a result of the above incident, the Lowland sleeper 1s26 from Euston to Glasgow was diverted via the Chilterns route as far as Crewe with 67011 & 67020.

05/2/12 - The “Greater Anglia” franchise officially starts ending NXEA: In the early hours of Sunday 5th February 2012 NXEA officially handed over the keys to the new franchisee “Greater Anglia” for a period of around 18-24 months.

07/2/12 - 90043 derails in the freight yard at Ipswich: Not too long after the incident involving 90046, another class 90 derails this time in the form of 90043 which came off the tracks in Ipswich Yard, but no major damage to the loco.

09/2/12 - Key highlights for week commencing 29th Janaury 2012: The key highlight for this week was the derailment of 90046 at Bletchley which resulted in major disruption to the network but surprisingly the 90 lived to tell the tale.

13/2/12 - Key highlights for week commencing 5th Februay 2012: The derailment of 90046 dominated the headlines for this week and resulted in a Scotrail sleeper service being diverted via the Chiltern route with a pair of class 67s

13/2/12 - 90046 moves by road from Wembley to Basford Hall: On this day in mid February 90046 arrived at Basford Hall off the load-loader after being transferred by road all the way from Wembley following her major derailment.

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