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90042 - 28th June 1990

Yet another fresh and new class 90 this time we see 90042 in BR RfD livery at Carlisle station heading north to Scotland on a uid passenger service - photo by A.Cox

90004 - Early 1990s

Another example of a class 90 as new, this time it features 90004 which can be seen stabled at Carlisle - the 90 was there at the time for driver training - photo by A.Cox.

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90038 - 14th August 1990

90038 in BR RfD livery and still clean from being released from works has been captured arriving at Lancaster with a southbound service - note the MK1 BG at front - photo by A.Cox

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90003 - 12th July 1988

This is a rare picture of 90003 after arriving at Euston with the class 90s first ever passenger working. The 90 came on at Preston after the booked 86 failed - photo by N.Ross

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90013 - Early 1990s

This is a shot of 90013 working in push-pull mode with motorails on the back (a practice no longer see in the UK). The 90s was heading sth from Edinburgh- photo by D.Storey

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90008 - May 1988

As new 90008 went to IVA88 exhibition in Hamburg in a convoy of exhibits which included the class 89. Note that 90008 is the only 90 that has ever been abroad - photo by D.Coxon

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Mainline 90s - Early 1990s

In their original liveries a pair of mainline class 90s can be seen stabled against the wall at Carlisle station. The 90s could be seen at this location regularly at the time - photo by D.Storey

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90007 - Late 1980s

As new 90007 can be seen stabled at Euston with all of her original features including the light fitting which were soon replaced with a new design a few years later - photo by D.Storey.

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90029 - 5th February 1999

On hire to GNER from the then EWS, 90029 stands at Bradford Forester Square after arriving with an Intercity service from London Kings Cross on MK4s - photo by Q.Hedderly

90222 - 25th August 2001

A sight no longer seen on the UK railway network, 90222 passes Watford Jcn heading south on a Parcel Force intermodal freight train.with wagons - photo by B.Holland

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90028 - Summer 1996

In her unique Belgium livery, 90028 has been captured working 4A13 heading towards Wembley south on the up slow near to Wembley Central  - photo by  Q.Hedderly.

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90024 - 23rd June 1995

On hire to the then GNER 90024 is seen at Newark North Gate in RfD livery and Intercity MK4s heading north on an uid express train  - photo by Haymarket64b.

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90021 - 29th June 1995

Another picture of a class 90 on hire to GNER, this time we see 90021 departing Peterborough with Intercity MK4s with a departure to London Kings Cross - photo by Haymarket64b.     

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90023 - 28th June 1995

Another picture of a class 90 on hire to GNER, this time we see 90023 waiting at Leeds with a departure to London Kings Cross - photo by Haymarket64b.

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90015 - 23rd May 1992

Owing to engineering work on the West Coast south of Nuneaton, Intercity diverted their trains to & from St. Pancras. Here we see 90015 after arriving with a service  - photo by N.Ross

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90038 - 26th April 1990

Sparkling and new in RfD livery, 90038 awaits departure with a uid service from Manchester Piccadilly - note the MK1 BG at the front of the consist - photo by N.Ross

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