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01/8/12 - 90043 hired to Virgin Trains for use on WB64 during July & August:: As a result of the Olympic Games 90043 was hired to Virgin Trains for an extended period of time and she worked several services including relief trains.

04/8/12 - 90043 works Olympic Reliefs to & from Manchester Piccadilly: In connection with Olympic Games football matches being staged in Manchester, the Virgin MK3 set along with 90043 worked a series of direct services for people.

05/8/12 - 90010 suffers total loss of power at Stratford during Olympic Games: On the afternoon of Sunday 5th August, 90010 failed at Stratford whilst in charge of a service from Norwich to London whilst the Olympic Games were going on.

08/8/12 - 90044 in trouble with loss power at Ledburn during Olympic Games:  On the afternoon of Wednesday another 90 was in trouble during the Olympic Games this time it involved 90044 whilst on 4L92 and needed rescuing quickly.

08/8/12 - Key highlights for week commencing 22nd July 2012: This included the start of the Olympic Games resulting in several extra services running in addition to amendments to diagrams for Greater Anglia, Virgin Trains & Freightliner.

09/8/12 - 90035 dragged via Manchester on Scotrail Sleeper service: In the early hours of the 9th August 2012 Network took a possession at Weaver Jcn for 3hrs - this resulted in the lowland sleeper 1s26 being diverted via Manchester.

13/8/12 - 90013 & set of stock in trouble with a hoxbox issues: An afternoon service from London to Norwich with 90013 had a hotbox detected in the Chelmsford area resulting in the train being terminated and some minor disruption.

17/9/12 - 90045 hired to Virgin Trains for use on WB64: In the early hours of the 17th August 2012, 90045 was hired to Virgin Trains from Freightliner and initially ran light engine from Crewe to Wembley depot to be attached to WB64.

17/9/12 - Virgin Trains loses West Coast Franchise to FirstGroup: The DfT announced the winner of the West Coast Franchise contract today to start in December 2012 - this was handed to FirstGroup and not Virgin Trains.

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