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CLASS 90 ELECTRIC LOCO GROUP British Rail Class 90 Silver Anniversary: 1987-2012

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Background Information

Firstly I like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Class 90 Electric Loco Group (CNELG) website. The group was founded in 2009 as a result of the 90s entering their 21st year of passenger operations - I felt this was an ideal building block to what you see today. The original site went live on the 19/6/09 and has come in leaps and bounds since the initial launch.  

The class 90s entered passenger traffic on the 12th July 1988 after several months of testing and commissioning during the previous year using 90001. The 90s are now in their 33rd year of operations after reaching that milestone on the 12th July 2021. The first 90 to work a service train was 90003 back on that infamous day in July 1988 - the 90 worked the 13:40 Blackpool Nth to Euston via the West Midlands forward from Preston after the failure of 86213. The 90 was in the area at the time for driver training.

What is CNELG all about?

In short the acronym “CNELG” derives from the “Class 90 Electric Loco Group” name. More information about aims and objectives are detailed below. However, the site was setup to be a one stop shop for all matters relating to the class 90s in operational, technical and interest terms and has been built up over a few years with lots of hard work and commitment particularly from the site owner.

What else can you tell us?

The original numbering system for the class 90s were 87/2s, but as history can tell us this never materialised. I recall as a young boy at the time having been to an open day at Crewe Works in 1987 seeing what is now 90001 with 87201 chalked on the side of her bodywork. The numbering reclassification as I understand it was a result of the loco’s implementation date.

In addition, the first class 90 to be released from Crewe Works was 90001 and this happened on the 31st October 1987 which means the 90s are officially 25 years old having entered their anniversary year on 31st October 2012. The loco initially went to Derby for type testing and commissioning - during this testing phase 90001 primarily worked on the WCML but did spend some time at Bounds Green - there are several pictures of the 90 on test and these are available from the Traintesting website.

Welcome & Introduction:

Page Updated 26/12/21

Mission Statement

This website has been setup to be an informative one stop shop for all matters arising for the BR class 90s, for the past, present and the future.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the operational and technical aspects of the fleet i.e. their history and their capabilities as well as being an information resource in interest terms.

It has also been setup to being a building block for other great innovative ideas such as knowledge sharing and preservation in addition to be a tool for generating awareness of the class 90s and their existence on the UK network.

Website Aims

  • The key  aims and objectives for this site are listed below for your reference. These include:

  • To generate a higher and more consistent interest in the BR built locomotives;

  • Develop positive working relationships where possible internally and externally to the railway;

  • To manufacture imaginative and innovative ideas for possible implementation;

  • To be a platform for knowledge sharing and developing networking opportunities with others;  
  • To provide a website which is informative, interesting and interactive where possible;

  • To keep information on the site up-to-date and add new features as it develops.

The particular areas covered within the website include their working history; naming’s; operational routes they use; current fleet status; diagrams; daily news and gen plus much much more.

If you have any comments or suggestions or like to see something on here like a picture or if you spot any errors or have trouble with any of the links, then get in touch.


Aims & Objectives:

Personal Profiles - Website Owner:

Personal Summary

The creation of CNELG and the website was based on the class 90s entering their 21st year of passenger operations so this seemed an excellent way to celebrate that milestone back in 2009. On a personal note I am what some people might call a “hardcore” class 90 follower - these loco’s have interested me ever since they came out of Crewe Works all those years ago when I was just a young man (happy days) having been to an open day at BREL in July 1987.

Admittedly my favourite engine is 90008 - why you might ask? Well in the early days as I got to like the 90s and whenever I was out and about on the WCML this loco would turn up and she sounded “hellfire” as the saying goes, so she became my machine and remains so to this day. I’m sure other people who other classes of loco, also warm to a particularly engine for whatever reason and make it their machines as well!

Professional Summary

In a academic context I have acquired an undergraduate degree with Honors in Transport and a Masters degree in Transport Engineering and Operations. In addition I hold charter status of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). The academic studies equipped me with bespoke skills, knowledge and experience including studying railways when I was at University.

As for my working life I have become a specialist in railway operational planning which focuses on areas such as capacity analysis, train planning, diagramming, calculating headway’s and much more. This is also a keen interest of mine and overlaps (excuse the pun) into the hobby element of trains and class 90s. Away from the working environment and train world, other interests include cycling, participating in charity events, cooking, reading and travel (mostly in a railway context), and looking after this website.It is my aim to add more people’s profiles here in due course (subject to their approval and willingness) to disclose such information over the Internet. That leaves me to say that if you wish to ask me any questions etc, then please do get in touch where I shall try and help and give a response in the shortest time possible subject to normal time constraints.